Monday, April 30, 2012

One for the Money, Two for the Show!

The Tiger Dance Co. Spring Showcase was amazing! The girls were wonderful in all their dances and we even raised more than last year. I am currently working on getting a date for a banquet of sorts, getting together one more time!

We even made the Journal Gazette for the Weekender!

I am also working on a DVD that I will have ready and will sell when I finished. The work of a director is never done. I hope all who came to the show had a great time!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It is going to be a CRAZY week.

Today English 11 began their Research Projects.....(insert the freak out music.) I love watching them try to process every loop hole possible in the process. Good news, there isn't one. If you would like to see the details and possibly a calendar for all things due please see the English 11 web page.

Speech class was busy as well- we just finished our Mechanic Speech today and are well on our way to the Demonstation Speech. The only thing we have in our way is Chapter 5. Bring it on CHAPTER 5!

Then, of course we can't forget Tiger Dance Company! Our dress rehearsals are this week and we have a few more things to work on... but other than that, I LOVE THE SHOW!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Scottsboro Boys- English 11

This week we finished To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and are currently working on a Facebook Project. The students have also been watching a movie from PBS about the Scottsboro Boys. We were not able to finish the entire video so I have posted it here for any of those who wish to finish it on their own. This would be a great source for the upcoming research project!

Just a reminder that the final for this novel is Monday, students will also be turning in their reading guides, character sheets and Facebook projects. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Let your heart move your feet."

The Tiger Dance Co. Spring Showcase is fast approaching! The costumes will be passed out on Saturday and we have three dress rehearsals next week. All the music is cut, news papers informed, and almost all props are ready. All I need are clean dances and pretty smiles.

The Andrea Rizzo Memorial Foundation is looking forward to our show and donation, so be sure to get all your family and friends to come support our dancers as well a children in need. Here is another video putting the foundation into better perspective.

Just a reminder about what Tiger Dance Company is all about:

Mission Statement: Tiger Dance Company is an organization of individuals who feel passionately about the art of dance and who also feel strongly about helping the community.

Background: Tiger Dance Company will produce one show at the end of second semester. The proceeds from the show are donated to a charity of our choosing. This year we are going to support the Andrea Rizzo Memorial Foundation, which is dedicated to Andrea Rizzo, who survived cancer as a young child but was killed by a drunk driver while attending graduate school for Dance Therapy. Through the help of donations, this foundation provides dance therapy to children with cancer and other special needs.

How: All the new members will be required to attend a workshop one week following the callouts. This is NOT A TRYOUT. No one will be turned away; we welcome all levels of dancers. During this workshop, we will have you do small combinations in Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. This is simply to get a feel for what level you are so we are able to place you in dances that fit your ability and style the best. Following this workshop the list of dancers for each dance will be posted. We try out best to put everyone in the dances they select but if there are too many people requesting one dance, we will look at your workshop evaluations and try to place you in a similar styled and leveled dance. From then on you will meet just with your dance and practice. Practice times are on the calendar attached. We will come together as a group for another Showings and Saturday Practices later in the semester. We will then have one public show at the end of the semester.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome Back!

The return from Spring Break is always bitter sweet. Yes, we all love some time off, BUT the events and activities after Spring Break are so much fun. We have Prom, the Spring Play, the Tiger Dance Company Show, not to mention all the Spring Sports! I love this time of year.

Not only are the activities fun, so is the curriculum. English 11 will be starting To Kill a Mockingbird this week and turning in their textbooks! Speech will also be starting their first Speech. It is going to be a fun and fast week- no school on Friday!

I am so happy to have everyone back- now lets get to work!
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