Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Positive Thoughts

I love positive affirmations for yourself, but hearing these nice things from your peers can be even more impactful. Each speech class will experience this fun activity. We take turns sitting against a whiteboard while classmates write kind and positive comments around our heads. I snap a picture, erase and make a video for them to see the comments [for the first time] the day of their first speech!

All few positive comments can change someones day, especially before they tackle their fear of public speaking. Cheers to being kind and staying positive.

Monday, January 22, 2018


I love learning about my students and their skill sets. In Speech we spend a large amount of time getting to know each other and finding out strengths. During this snap shot we were trying to figure out if we were better at giving directions or taking directions. I designed this lesson years ago and EVERY single time, I love it more.

Here are the details:

This activity will help students determine their strengths and weaknesses in communication and help them view the communication as a process.

Pair off students and have one face the board while the other faces away. The students are facing each other though! Draw a figure on the board that is not ordinary.

Ask the student facing the board to describe the figure so that the other student can draw it on a piece of paper without looking. Allow the student describing to use hand gestures, shape words and all things that might help.

After completing the first figure begin restricting parts of the communication, (No hands! Or No using shape words!). Draw a new figure and allow them to continue.

Let both students be describers. After completing the activity discuss why communication is a complex process that requires eye contact, vocal cues, and gestures.

Here is what it looks like:

Friday, January 12, 2018

eLearning is the new learning.

So we are on day 2 of eLearning and after teaching online for a while, this is not difficult, but it is not fun. I love getting to talk with my students and laugh with them, and give them my full attention. Being home with my 4 year old [who insists we do homeschool if we miss school] and my 2 year old [who just wants to eat all day] makes it hard to focus on my classes!

I will be by my email all day, but to help you be a bit more clear on instructions, here are some videos.... staring my kids.


English 11: 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hello There!

Well, here we are, new year, new classes, new teacher.

I am excited to have all new student rosters as the new year begins. I have always enjoyed block scheduling so that I can meet and enjoy more students. I have several familiar faces and I can't wait to grow along side my students this year.

I made a few personal and professional resolutions for 2018. My teacher resolutions are as follows:

Share my knowledge of technology with students NOT just other teachers

I love educational technology, "duh" right? I found myself almost hiding cool new things I found from my students. So now when I find a cool new application or game or tool, I am going to share and possibly make students use it for projects!

Come earlier to school and stay a little later

I blame my beautiful little babies for this one, I just don't want to leave them! I have found though, rushing around in the morning in front of my students creates a terrible tone. I want to have everything ready to go in hopes of my students following suit.

Grade all items within one week

I love collecting things digitally. I can just go home and grade via my iPad or home desktop, BUT without the heavy load of paper, I forget I have things to grade. This past semester was the worst ever. I will be better. I plan to set alarms!

Read all assigned novels over again

Have you ever watched a movie and learned something new about a character or plot line? Well same goes with a good book. Trust me our assigned reading is great and I need to re-read all of them and fall in love all over again.

Be a more caring teacher

I have a hard time seeing students as people. There is a big separation between the person and the student, just like me. I am a teacher by day and a mommy, photographer, blogger, wife, coach, cook, maid, etc. by night. I have more going on outside of these four walls and so do the wonderful people in my room each day. Please note, caring does not mean pushover. You don't do the work, you don't get the points, however if you come in and talk with me, we can figure something out. 

Have you made any resolutions for 2018, do any apply specifically to your student life, home life, professional life?

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