Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Semester Closing

We are almost there! Both classes are in the midst of projects, speeches, and preparing for finals. I love the holidays and the hustle and bustle of the season. For a teacher, Christmas lights, decorations and some chocolate help us through the chaos of the Winter Break countdown. I can't wait to wrap up these lessons, but I am going to miss my students so much.

I am soaking up as much time and laughter as possible with my seniors. They have been so good for my soul this year. They really are a family and I am so honored to have been their teacher and the person they drove crazy, and made proud.

We finished The Tragedy of Macbeth yesterday and we are working on our research projects over "The Fall of Man" - what causes it, risk-taking or perfectionism?

My speech classes are in the middle of their Demonstration Speeches and will be starting their next speech, Persuasive Speech, right away! Instead of a final they actually give this speech. I am excited to see them prepare and deliver on a topic that is important to them.

Seniors finishing Act V of Macbeth, with a little Christmas decor to help us along. 

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