Monday, October 28, 2013

October = National Bullying Prevention Month

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the entire school will get to meet Mike Culver. He will be speaking about bullying and how it is effecting students today. Did you know 5 out of 10 students report being bullied each school year? That is over whelming.

Mike will be speaking during the end of first period through homeroom. For more information about National Bullying Prevention Month see this link.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chugging along.

All classes are chugging along in the right direction. English 11 is working their way through a novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and so far they all seem to be "enjoying" the coming of age story that highlights so much American History, good and bad. 

Speech classes took their first tests this week, not to shabby! I was very impressed with all the work they put into small group presentations. We are in Chapter 2 now and will actually finish and start a new chapter before the end of the week. We will even start our first speech on Thursday of this week! 

Swimming starts in full swing this week- see all you ladies at the pool ready to swim by 3pm. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

No wasting time....

Starting a new term in the middle of the week can sometimes cause delays in the lessons and basically a slow start, not these classes! We are already starting to take notes and do chapter activities in both Speech classes. In English 11 we spent three days reviewing material learned the first nine weeks while I was away. We covered things like essays, literature themes, authors and context. 

Below are some pictures of 4th period speech working on a digital interview. The pairs (sometimes small groups) were to answer these questions about themselves verbally and their partners will be introducing them today as a speech practice! 

Just a reminder that all agendas and plans, even links to assignments can be found on this website, be sure to save it to your Apple device be it iPod, iPad, or iPhone! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm back!

That is right ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Burman is back and ready to fill those big brains with all sorts of American Literature and Speech knowledge! I have been spending time with the beautiful and ever growing Amelia!

But, my time will now be spent between class, the pool, and home! Get ready for a fun filled time in B08 and I look forward to seeing you all grow as well.

Please save this website on your iPad home page as I post all things needed for this class on the website. Thank you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Swimming Starts Soon!

It is that time of year again, time for the beginning of something great! Girls swim season is upon us, and I can't be more excited! Caps are ordered, suits have been picked, warm ups are being embroidered and now all we have to do is get physically ready.

Our slogan this year is "Train insane or remain the same!" I expect to see lots of girls at pre-season workouts and taking time in the evenings to get back in the water! See you all at 3pm in B07.

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