Thursday, January 26, 2017

Stomach Bug Attacks the Burman Home!

I love a good sub day video, as we all know....

....but I couldn't be away from the toilet long enough to video myself. Amelia (3) and myself are queens of toilets tonight.

English 11 - Study for the Sermon and Persuasion Quiz, take the quiz (link on your page) and then complete Journal #5!

English 9 - Study for William Shakespeare Quiz, take the quiz, complete Journal #5!

Wash your hands often and go ahead and indulge in a sweet snack, odds are you will get the stomach flu at some point in the next few weeks, so it won't matter.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

TEDTalk made me do it.

I love a good TEDTalks and they found their way into my lesson plans this week, and being gone on a Monday was a great time to watch a few good videos.

English 11 Sub Plans:

English 9 Sub Plans:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blackout Poetry - English 9

This is seriously one of my favorite lessons. I never felt connected with poetry as a student and then I stumbled across Austin Kleon's work while in college. He would take news paper, normally the New York Times and use articles to create poetry by blacking out words that did not fit into his newly created poem.

After viewing more work, I knew I had to introduce this to my classes. I now use this project as a introduction to all things poetry! I love the pressure it takes off students to create the words. They enjoy searching for anchor words and ideas. I have never heard a class get so quiet and yet be so productive. The confidence it builds is crazy and all of the sudden, poetry is not so scary. Sometimes poetry becomes a favorite and I jump for joy. #teacherwins

I will be sure to share examples after the presentation, and don't worry English 11, you will be next!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Staying Healthy and Making Plans

After what felt like the longest week of my mom/teacher life, we are here. A new week, a new Monday, a new beginning.

I hate missing school and I hope you [students] got some comfort and guidance from my videos using, TouchCast (this a great tool that even you can use for projects!). I will always leave videos for you to watch when I am gone. I told many of my classes, but after delivering my son, 2 weeks early, I made a video in the hospital bed reminding students of what they needed to be working on. I just hate missing school.

This week we are finishing Cover Letters and Resumes in English 11, and will be working on some colonial pieces to work on our persuasion skills. In English 9 we are wrapping up a genres unit focusing on Fiction vs. Nonfiction and will be working on some Poetry to prepare for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 

Big things happening, stay strong, not long until spring break and I hate to break it to you all... I don't see many Snow/Ice days in our future. I have been cleaning all the desks and door knobs on the regular in class, cheers to staying healthy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sub Plans 2017 - Thursday

Welp, both kiddos are now sick and I am doing my best to lysol all the things... I mean EVERYTHING, even the dog. I be staying home again tomorrow, trying to not get sick. I made more amazing videos for your viewing pleasure class instruction. Enjoy.

English 11 - Continue filling out the Cover Letter Worksheet and Resume Worksheets - together I call this your data collection for the big assignment. Also, you have your first journal. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

English 9 - I realized how long the short story about Owl Creek Bridge was last night, use this extra time to finish the story and the questions that follow. You also need to do your first journal, I love this prompt. NOW... it says list... but explain a little for too! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sub Plans 2017 - Wednesday

Hey everyone, I have sick babe and I need to be home to care for him. Don't worry I left you with some quick plans via video. I hated have busy work as a student and as a teacher, I hate grading it. With that said, I just continued our weekly plans with a few changes.

If you have questions, email me! I will check my inbox often.

English 11 - we are beginning the first project "Cover Letter + Resume" and I want you to look at the final rubric and start collecting information needed to build your cover letter + resume. I will grade the packets for completion when I return.

English 9 - we are moving the genre note until I get back, and instead, jumping to the fiction vs. nonfiction and fictional piece today! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Semester and Changes

2017 is the year of "Change" and we are already off to a great start in English 11 and English 9 with Mrs. Burman [me]!

I have really enjoyed meeting all the new students and finding my footing in the curriculum for courses. I have ALWAYS loved these classes and have actually ALWAYS taught them in my 7 years of experience. I can't wait to bring some new ideas and projects to the students in the next semester.

Both classes have taken a pretest to help me better create lessons and to just see what area in which they already are strong. I also have required the students to purchase a journal or composition book [88 cents] and fill out a home information sheet to help me better communicate when needed with those who hold the students accountable.

I can't tell you how amazing it is to be back in the classroom and how much I am enjoying being at Norwell High School, now if only I could find a way to get some free Norwell gear! Trust me, I look great in gold and blue.
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