Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blackout Poetry - English 9

This is seriously one of my favorite lessons. I never felt connected with poetry as a student and then I stumbled across Austin Kleon's work while in college. He would take news paper, normally the New York Times and use articles to create poetry by blacking out words that did not fit into his newly created poem.

After viewing more work, I knew I had to introduce this to my classes. I now use this project as a introduction to all things poetry! I love the pressure it takes off students to create the words. They enjoy searching for anchor words and ideas. I have never heard a class get so quiet and yet be so productive. The confidence it builds is crazy and all of the sudden, poetry is not so scary. Sometimes poetry becomes a favorite and I jump for joy. #teacherwins

I will be sure to share examples after the presentation, and don't worry English 11, you will be next!

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