Tuesday, September 13, 2016

If you don't have anything nice to say...

.... say nothing at all.

There has been some serious frustrations lately. I think this comes from continusly comparing this year/position to my past teaching years. I shouldn't do that because this is so different. I feel like a new teacher again. I hate that, I spent so many years growing as an educator. I had so many people pouring into me as a growing teacher in my previous 5 years, now I feel like a performing monkey. Those monkeys that are trained to steal money from pockets, or slam little symbols together. Have a mental picture now? Good.

Let me talk about some positives.

Students are hilarious. I love getting to see them be a little more out of the students now that we are in week 4. I enjoy my live classes and how the kids use emoji-cons for all types of things. I am teaching stories I like (except Don Quixote... dumb) and that must be getting the kids excited.

I love that when my kids were sick (we have had RSV, Ear Infection, some Virus not named, and Strep Throat) in the last three weeks, I was able to be at home with them and still WORK. I did use recordings once, but sat there while kids watched and asked questions.

The mute button. Every 'brick and mortar' teacher should be envious of this live class tool.

I know things will get better, and this is such a learning curve in which I wasn't prepared. I thought I would have more 'down time' but I find myself constantly accessible. I have missed lunch three times... crazy I know.

I can't wait for PD next week. Just being around other teachers will be such a breath of fresh air. Teachers, we just get each other. Plus, we can compare monkey symbols.
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