Monday, November 26, 2012

Digital Collage - Speech

After completing Chapter 5 in Speech class, the students were challenged to think about their own self-concept and self-esteem. They created a digital collage where they could use pictures from their iPads, Internet and friends to help give us an image of "them". They then had to do a write up along with the collage explaining each picture and how said item or person defined them (thus their self-concept and self-esteem!) They turned out great! Here are few from the fourth period class.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Students and their resources....

Today I assigned a chapter review assignments in preparation for the chapter test tomorrow! I took attendance and replied to a few emails and then looked around. Students were using their digital notes from the day before and the book to find the correct answers! This is a great sign- students working smarter with all their resources.

After our test tomorrow students will be sharing their digital collages. They are using a application made for putting photos together in a large format for sharing. I will be sure to put a few up before break!- I am very excited to see what students think define them and in result seeing what they are thankful for.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Group Work

In English 11 students are working on a two day short story project. The project description and evaluations are here. Many student hate group work while others find it helpful. I built this project closely to this article called "Productive Group Work in Middle and High School Classrooms" by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher and Aida Allen. 

The article describes five principles that are needed for effective cooperative learning: 

1. Positive interdependence of group members such that they need to rely on
one another to solve the problem successfully—a sink-or-swim approach.
2. Face-to-face interaction to promote the personal investment group members
have in one another, both academically and as people.
3. Individual and group accountability focused on goals and outcomes, so
members are acknowledged for their individual contributions and their
ability to be collectively responsible for the results.
4. The teaching of interpersonal and small-group skills to foster the social and
academic skills needed to work together.
5. Group processing so members have opportunities to evaluate their products
and determine how they might improve the ways they work together.

Just a note to those who are absent:

If you are absent during a group project, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to contact a group member that can catch you up. This is not only an assignment on short stories, it is a test of maturity. In college or the work force you must always stay in contact with your group/team.  If there is not contact your peers may use that as a mark on the peer evaluation. 
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