Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music videos in English class.

In English 11 we are working on Nonfiction in our "A Nation is Born" unit. The students are really enjoying learning about documents and essay that survived the test of time and made a difference in our history as a nation. We just watched this video, a parody of the popular song Too Late to Apologize, made by fellow teachers. This particular video is a reference to The Declaration of Independence. It is fun to see how history can make its way into entertainment and classrooms.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost time for Street Fair!

This is a four day week- BUT we have so much going on, it feels like a seven day week! In each class we have begun new units. Ask you students about what they are doing in class and see how much they tell you!

English 11 - We just finished our Persuasive Essay and are beginning our new unit "A Nation is Born".
English 12 - Upon finishing this unit on "Celebrating Differences" we will be finishing our Professional Portfolio's and then starting our last unit with a novel!
Speech - Demonstration Speeches begin tomorrow and will continue through Thursday. After this speech we are over half way through the speeches!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Speaker!

Today in English 12 Tech Prep. and all the Careers classes, we had a guest speaker from Brown Mackey College! His name was Andy Milentis, he was a graduate from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) where he majored in Public Relations. His job is to promote Brown Mackey and at the same time, prepare students for life in the work force. He talked about offerings at Brown Mackey and bonuses for all students. He then took time and edited a bad resume so students could see the difference between effective and non effective resumes. Overall, it was a great experinece for all those who attended.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Update

The weather is cooling off, but our school schedules are not! We have a jam packed 4 day week here in Mrs. Burman's classroom.

English 11- We are starting Puritain Plain Style and blogging in class this week! Don't forget that we still have Vocabulary #4 Quiz this Friday.

English 12 TP- We are finishing up our first and longest unit this Friday. We are also having a guest speaker on Thursday from Brown Mackey College to help us kick off our Portfolio Project. See English 12 TP page for more information about that project!

Speech- We just finished all our Introduction Speeches and will be in the computer lab again this Friday to begin our next speech Mechanic Speech. They also have a test on Thursday of Chapter 3&4 and notes are on the Speech page!

BIG REMINDER: Midterm in September 13th (next Tuesday!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

English 11- Parents/Guardians!

This is a just a quick post to let all English 11 parents/guardians know about a set of papers coming home today. Your student will be bringing home a grade sheet with a current grade highlighted and two bright pink sheets. The bright pink sheets are the "Blogging Contract" and it must be signed by both student and parent/guardian. The signed portion needs to be returned ASAP. We will begin learning how to use the Blog and setting up Gmail accounts tomorrow.

Thank you,
Mrs. Burman
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