Monday, August 15, 2011

Hit the ground running!

We made it through our first Monday! The classroom communities are really coming together- I see more smiles and hear even more chitter chatter. So far just a few reminders for all the classes:

English 11: Be sure to bring your journals to class! We will be setting up our blog accounts next week. Our first unit test will be this week over "Myths" and we will have our first Vocabulary Quiz on Friday.

English 12 TP: Great discussion and personality tests today! Looks like most the class is "Orange" while I am "Blue and Gold"- Ask your child to explain. Be sure to bring journal and book tomorrow as we will begin Beowulf.

Speech: Talkative class- good thing the course title is "speech". We will dive into Chapter 1 notes and assignments tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening!
Mrs. Burman

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