Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Update

The weather is cooling off, but our school schedules are not! We have a jam packed 4 day week here in Mrs. Burman's classroom.

English 11- We are starting Puritain Plain Style and blogging in class this week! Don't forget that we still have Vocabulary #4 Quiz this Friday.

English 12 TP- We are finishing up our first and longest unit this Friday. We are also having a guest speaker on Thursday from Brown Mackey College to help us kick off our Portfolio Project. See English 12 TP page for more information about that project!

Speech- We just finished all our Introduction Speeches and will be in the computer lab again this Friday to begin our next speech Mechanic Speech. They also have a test on Thursday of Chapter 3&4 and notes are on the Speech page!

BIG REMINDER: Midterm in September 13th (next Tuesday!)

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