Monday, December 12, 2011

Last few projects....

There is not enough time left before the end of semester! All the classes still have at least one project or novella to finish. I am always amazed at how well these students work in the 11th hour. I do tend to save the best for last though.

English 11 - We are finishing the research project on Wednesday and will be beginning our final reading assignment. The reading will last one week as it is short but meaningful. Of Mice and Men is a wonderful quick read!

Mythology - The class will be in the Computer lab this week working on a two part writing project. The papers are compare/contrast essay about the stories from class and the movies watched. The class has worked on using direct and paraphrased quotes to help support their ideas. These essays are due Wednesday at the end of class!

Speech - The class will be finishing the movie The Great Debaters and finishing the hardest of the speeches in the next ten days! The persuasive speech is difficult because of the need for support and respect for a topic. More information will be available on the Speech page this week!

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