Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SAT Prep.

This Saturday Bluffton High School is one of many SAT Testing sites. Since the most popular time to take the SATs are a students Junior and Senior year I like to take some time review testing skills and even give a practice test to my Junior classes. Even though some students will not be taking the test this Saturday, they will need to take it in the near future. Below are helpful links.

College Board - This is where you sign up and find out your score for the SATs.

Practice Test - This includes an essay and what the questions and answer format will look like.

Practice Test Answers - The answer to all the questions. There are also examples of how scoring is completed.

SAT Vocabulary - There are 1000 words on this list, do not try to memorize them, just become familiar with them!

Remember: The SAT is traditionally thought of as a test that measures a student’s reasoning or critical thinking skills while the ACT is considered a curriculum-based test, meaning it tests a student’s knowledge of subject matter covered in high school. See the graph for more comparisons.

Good luck to all those that test in the near future- see you in class!
-Mrs. Burman

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