Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was a once a freshman in high school. Just like many of my students, I was outgoing and I loved my elective classes. September 11th, 2001 was just a normal day in my high school. We were finishing first period, I had Drama and Theatrical Studies, and a student came running in from the hallway and said "A freak accident happened in NYC, a plane hit a tower!" So we turned on the t.v. and watched replay of the plane hitting.

The bell rang and I wondered down the hall to my second period class, science. My teacher was very upset and I was confused. As the second period bell rang, the second plane hit. My class sat silently and the news reported the terrorist attacks. There was also news of a plane heading to the Pentagon. My teacher became very upset. I went to school in Dayton, Ohio. Many students had family that worked at Wright-Patt Air Force Base. My teacher's husband was a high ranking officer who was traveling to the Pentagon that very day, by plane. Thankfully, in the end he was on a later flight and never even boarded.

There was an announcement for all teachers to turn off the t.v.'s in the classrooms, but no teacher did. I am thankful for this. I saw images that made me grow up and I realized that the world would change forever. There are so many memories from that day. My mom came home early, Air Force One landed at Wright-Patt, my grandmother had just moved out of the World Trade Center after living there for a year while working for a bank.

I knew a day would come where students would only have verbal memories of what people said happened on that day. I plan to share my memories with the students and hopefully they understand how, when I sat in those same chairs, as a high school student my worries went from, boyfriends, homework, and practices to the pain so many people were feeling. For the first time in my life, I felt small and this day will always remind me how lucky I am to be alive.

This website has a graphic timeline where students and parents alike can view the anniversary in a linear atmosphere. There are also victim profiles. People with families and loved ones died that day. People just like you and me. Take a look and reflect on this day with care.

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