Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The term is about to terminate.

Just a quick post to show off some of the neat things happening in the classroom during Speech class. I love Demonstration Speeches because so many cool things are explained- and people bring in really good food! We had so many "mini-parties" due to all the food. Here are a few pictures:

Noah teaches first period how to make origami flowers:

All the wonderful treats from fourth period on one of the speech days-Yum!

As for what we are doing now, students in Speech will be taking their final test for the course and starting on the last speech (the Persuasive Speech). This is the hardest speech for many reasons: research, time, expectations and personal beliefs. I am really going to push the students to the brink on this speech. Be ready!

In English 11 the students will continue working on their Expository/Lit. Analysis of Gothic Literature Essay. This essay is very tough and follows the last story we read by Edgar Allan Poe. The essay is Due on Friday (unless we have many issues!!!)

Happy Fall.
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