Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thank you for the Gifts.

With the tragic events that took place in Connecticut last week, I can't help but take a few minutes to share my thoughts as an individual, future parent, and teacher. Last night, with my husband, (also a teacher) we listened to the stories from surviving teachers in that school and we couldn't stop thinking about what we would have done in the same situation. I pray that I would never be in such a place where the fear of death or harm is put on my heart- not for myself but for my students.

Please know that there will always be days where students are upset with teachers and teachers with students, but in the end we are individuals that are separate from those titles. I care for each one of the persons that walk into, and out of my classroom on a daily and yearly bases. I would gladly protect, comfort and nurture any person who needs it.

I adore teaching and though it can be at times a thankless job, the fact that students arrive each day and look to me for guidance, and parents trust me with their most priceless creation is a "Thank You!" in of itself.

This is the season for sharing gifts and I thank every parent for sharing their child, and in my opinion, the very best gift any family can receive, with me. I have grown as a person, teacher, and future parent by knowing all of them.

Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Burman

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