Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just keep going!

Welcome back from Spring Break 2013! I know I had a very restful break- something about being in your third trimester of pregnancy prevents you from flying anywhere, so I spent time organizing the house and school work!

Each class is starting something new this week and I can't wait to see what the students do with the topics, themes and activities planned. Please continue to use the website as a place for being organized or working ahead! Also be checking PowerSchool as I am trying to keep grades as up to date as possible (essays and projects take a little more time) and if a student is absent I plug in a "0" with a "missing" symbol next to it. This has been helping students get work in quickly and not being surprised at the end of the term when "ABS" (absent) turns into "0" (zero) and really hurts the final grade.

There are 38 more days of school for students to continue learning, see how much you can accomplish in that amount of time!

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