Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Bo8

Starting the school year on a Monday was very different, we as teachers hit the ground running after day one. I know in Bo8 we are working hard and starting to find our groove. This semester I am teaching Speech and English 11, both are great courses and so far even the students seem to be enjoying the change to a digital binder and assignment base.

In English 11, we are working on vocabulary and grammar already, we have also completed a preview worksheet on Unit 1. We will be starting with Native American Myths and documents of that time period.

In Speech, we are working on finding our personality traits (or colors) and apply that information to how we are as communicators. The students have already presented a little in groups and seem to really enjoy each other. We did a positive comments activity and that will be made into a movie next week. Be sure to check back for that. In the pictures below you can see the students working on a communication activity where they must find shared meanings and listening skills.

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