Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A King's Speech

This week Speech students have been looking back in time, back to King George V and his sons, Edward and Albert. Did you know that Albert had a terrible speech impediment. When he was forced to become king the radio had just become very popular. How was he going to stand strong when he could barely say his name without a stammer.

This true story helps students see the true strength in a leader, and one of those strengths would be to verbally unite a mass of people. Albert soon become King George VI and his wonderful therapist Lionel helped guide him through a stammer and the technical and psychology side of a speech issue. 

Here is a sound track to the real King George VI giving a speech via a radio recording. Below the video with a radio recording, there is a filming of King George VI giving a speech, notice his nonverbal evidence of a stutter or stammer. 

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