Monday, May 11, 2015

Listening Skills :: International Business College

Today in B08 we are hosting a speaker from International Business College, Fort Wayne! The speaker is focusing on "Listening Skills" along with sharing information about college expectations, and financial aid. Of course there is also a plug for the International Business College at the end too! I have had this speaker, LaDonna Sims, several times and I love having her back!

Students sometimes FINALLY believe what I have been saying when they hear it from an employee from an actual college in Fort Wayne! I hope everyone gets something from this presentation.

With two weeks left of classes we are zooming through final units. English 11, having just finished To Kill a Mockingbird and the research project connected to it, are starting Of Mice and Men and will finish just in time for the end of school! Speech will use the remaining time to prepare and present their persuasive speeches. I live for this time of the school year!

I am currently a grading fool, if you need me I will be hiding in my classroom until all finals, research papers, persuasive outlines, and missing work are graded. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I make sure your quality work, gets a quality grade!

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