Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Late, yet Great!

This week is my first week at Norwell High School.

I resigned from teaching at Insight School of Indiana and walked back into a classroom. I will not go into any details of why I left ISIN, but rather talk about how AMAZING the staff and students have been at Norwell High School. I am so excited to be teaching face to face with students again, it really is my happy place.

I hope the students enjoyed the "getting to know Mrs. Burman" day and are using the "Burman App" often. I am currently teaching five different classes, and that makes my day go fast! Here is what we will be working on as the semester comes to an end.

Check back for pictures as we wrap up projects, take the mannequin challenge and smile for portraits.

English 11 - We are starting a short story series focusing on American Classics and Irony! We are also doing some SAT Vocabulary review- quiz on Friday.

Theatre - These students are writing their own monologues based on character images, they made their own rubric and will be performing these next week!

Technical Theatre - The Model Set Project is due on December 6th, we reviewed the rubric and added a little write up explained the set. I can't wait to see the finished projects.

Literature and Film - Character Archetypes are the main idea until break. We will be focusing on the types of archetypes and watching The Giver to apply our new information.

English 12 - The seniors will be spending a lot of time talking about money. We are going to read "The Rocking Horse Winner" and explore how money changes us. We will also do a budgeting assignment!

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