Monday, January 16, 2017

Staying Healthy and Making Plans

After what felt like the longest week of my mom/teacher life, we are here. A new week, a new Monday, a new beginning.

I hate missing school and I hope you [students] got some comfort and guidance from my videos using, TouchCast (this a great tool that even you can use for projects!). I will always leave videos for you to watch when I am gone. I told many of my classes, but after delivering my son, 2 weeks early, I made a video in the hospital bed reminding students of what they needed to be working on. I just hate missing school.

This week we are finishing Cover Letters and Resumes in English 11, and will be working on some colonial pieces to work on our persuasion skills. In English 9 we are wrapping up a genres unit focusing on Fiction vs. Nonfiction and will be working on some Poetry to prepare for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 

Big things happening, stay strong, not long until spring break and I hate to break it to you all... I don't see many Snow/Ice days in our future. I have been cleaning all the desks and door knobs on the regular in class, cheers to staying healthy!

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