Monday, May 15, 2017

Finish the School Year Strong

8 days left.

Between homework, projects, and finals, you are probably in need of some motivation. Teachers even need some serious coffee and graphics to get through the last sprint to the finish line. Reflect on the following five quotes to re-energize your spirits and get you through these last grueling weeks of the semester.

Doing well in school can be a challenge, especially if you are also involved in sports, clubs, or honor societies. (or you are just plan tired) Managing your time and finding an effective study method may be among the most difficult tasks. However, think of how relieved you will feel once the school year is over. Knowing you did your best can make your summer particularly pleasant and rewarding.

All thrilling accomplishments – publishing a book, passing the BAR exam, opening a business, winning a marathon – come at a price. If these feats were simple, anyone could accomplish them.
You are likely to experience exhaustion, aggravation, and confusion as you work toward your goal. When you feel like you want to give up on your studies, (or the grading pile is about to fall on your teachers) remind yourself of how far you have come. Keep going; you are almost at the finish line!

You have probably heard it many times before: knowledge is power. This simple adage holds much truth, however. If we analyze some of the world’s most influential people, we realize they all have something in common – they introduced us to novel ideas, which were the result of scholarship, experimentation, and reflection. For these reasons, the course of history was changed in a positive way. With useful knowledge or a revolutionary philosophy, you, too, can make an impact. The first step is learning!

As you buckle down toward the end of the school year, you may have to make some sacrifices. This might entail studying for exams instead of going out with your friends, or working on projects instead of watching television. To excel at school, students may need to give up time and energy they would normally spend on other pursuits. Though you may feel tired and frustrated these last few weeks of class, remember that it will all be worth it. You are becoming a wiser, more knowledgeable, well-rounded person. You are learning to see from different perspectives, write and read effectively, use your logic, and solidify your own voice. By giving up a few pleasures now, you can reap copious long-term benefits.

School is not always a fun experience. At times you may feel stressed about meeting deadlines, overwhelmed by new information, or uncertain about your post-school plans. All of these reactions are normal. However, if you can stay strong and remain on top of your schoolwork, you may be rewarded in the future. You will also enjoy the weeks of no homework and sunshine instead. By learning to be organized and self-disciplined now, you are more likely to succeed in your future pursuits.

This post was first published by Tiffany Sorensen, with adjustments and graphics added my Mrs. Burman!

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