Thursday, September 21, 2017

Something Nice

Did you know public speaking is one of the top ranked fears among humans? The National Institute of Mental Health did a research last year (September 2016) that stated 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety. This is a real issue that many people battle. I do my best as a teacher to build community and expectations early on in the class and I really think this makes the presentations feel more comfortable, and even has some of the group looking forward to sharing.

One such activity is called "Something Nice" and it is always a surprise. I have students sit against a whiteboard while the rest of the class takes time to write kind and uplifting things around the person. Then I snap a picture, they erase, and do not get to see the picture until the day of their first speech. Nothing builds their confidence more than knowing "people do have nice things to say about me!"

This time around I made sure to take some video and pictures. The class even made me go up to the board! I love this activity and I might even start doing it in my NON-public speaking classes.

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