Monday, January 22, 2018


I love learning about my students and their skill sets. In Speech we spend a large amount of time getting to know each other and finding out strengths. During this snap shot we were trying to figure out if we were better at giving directions or taking directions. I designed this lesson years ago and EVERY single time, I love it more.

Here are the details:

This activity will help students determine their strengths and weaknesses in communication and help them view the communication as a process.

Pair off students and have one face the board while the other faces away. The students are facing each other though! Draw a figure on the board that is not ordinary.

Ask the student facing the board to describe the figure so that the other student can draw it on a piece of paper without looking. Allow the student describing to use hand gestures, shape words and all things that might help.

After completing the first figure begin restricting parts of the communication, (No hands! Or No using shape words!). Draw a new figure and allow them to continue.

Let both students be describers. After completing the activity discuss why communication is a complex process that requires eye contact, vocal cues, and gestures.

Here is what it looks like:

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