Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Newbies and Gameplans

It is a new quarter. The LAST quarter of the year. Time has been flying by this year. The weather in the last few weeks has been crazy. I only got to spend two days with my new speech class before Spring Break, thank you random snow day. So we have been spending more time together and growing together. I live and breath the idea of a Speech class needing to be comfortable with each other, much like a family.

We have been doing speed interviews and even an activity called "White Board Love" where kids write nice things around the frame of a student to help them build confidence. I will be sure to share the end result! Speech class will continue growing and completing the first few chapters before writing and presenting their first speech.

English 11 is in the middle of my favorite unit. We are working through Romanticism, Gothic Literature, and Transcendentalism. My favorite authors are in this unit and the studnets are currently enjoying Edgar Allan Poe. The dreary weather has made it even creepier when reading these scary stories. We will be working on our third writing assignment this week and focusing on direct quotes.

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