Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday

Today I,  along with all the Language Arts Department, will be having a professional work day. We are cleaning and updating our curriculum for each class, as well as preparing ways to use the iPads in our classrooms next year. This means my classes will be having a substitute teacher.

I am a solid believer of showing any adult that steps into the role of leader with respect, therefor I expect all my classes to not only behave but to be respectful.

English 11 - Both classes will be in the the computer lab (B-06) doing a peer edit on their completed research paper projects. The directions and worksheets are on each English Classes respective blog. Good Luck - you never know when I will stop in :)
Speech - We have seven more Demonstration Speeches to complete on Monday. I will be stopping back in the class to get things rolling but will be taping the speeches to grade later.

Today the Surgeon General also made an announcement about a disease that is sweeping the nation one high school at a time.  This disease is affecting several teens and should be regarded as serious. Please take precautions. One article defined the new disease as such:

a disease that is rapidly spread among students the last few weeks of school before summer break. symptoms include extreme laziness, back-talking to teachers, sudden lack of effort and concern about grades, and falling asleep in classes.

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