Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Of Mice and Men - Meme

Today, as review in English 11 we made memes that pertained to the recently finished novel, Of Mice and Men. Our final is tomorrow and I was looking for a fun new way to review. This is what we came up with:

Successful Baby
Getting a new ranch. Gets to tend the rabbits.
Hands get chopped off. $250 reward.
I keep my mouth shut. We get the job.
Get into trouble. Remember where to go.
Grabs dress. Gets away.
Need some money for a farm. Sugerdaddy Candy to the rescue.
George made me throw out mouse. Find it in the brush.
Answer Lennie’s questions. Got the job.
Fought Curley. Crushed his hand.
Splashed Water. Made Ripples.
Talked to giant rabbit. Feels better.
Condescending Wonka
So you like petting things… Why do they always die?
So you think you’re tough? Show me how soft your hands are.
So you lost your wife? Tell me she’s not a tart.
Oh you play Solitaire? Please tell me how many times you win.
So you think you’re tough? Tell me how your crushed hand feels.
So you have a German hand gun? Tell me how many wars you’ve been in.
So you breed dogs? Tell me how many puppies you drown.
Oh you are married to Curley? How many others guys do you love?

One does not simply…
Touch the dress
Pet soft things
Find their wife
Arrive on a Friday
Eat beans without ketchup
Talk to a huge rabbit
Tend the rabbits after killing a puppy
Hide a mouse in their pocket
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