Thursday, August 16, 2012

We don't mess around.

We are in our first FULL week of classes and we are already getting work done! I am so proud of all my classes. I am sure many people were worried about how the iPads would change the classroom climate, I was one of them. I will say though, the students have been great! We are all learning new ways to use the iPad and all the free applications.

I try to find a new way to use the device everyday. I love the way the students use this website on the iPad. They use it as a reminder, a calendar, a place to find links and even as a study tool.

Today we even had a few really nice visitors at the Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District and my room in particular -(more about that later). We also covered a ton of information in each class.

In English 11 we are in the beginning of Unit 1, we are working in the Native American myths. We even did a work sheet ON THE IPAD! We also watched a short film about the first myth covered:

In Speech our first chapter test is tomorrow so we are spending time reviewing and doing activities to help us remember the important role that communication plays in our everyday life. 

Next week is very packed so be ready to keep moving along on our educational journey!
-Mrs. Burman
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