Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We made it over the hump.

I have a few reminders are we head into the end of the week. All the classes are beginning to fall into a routine and I am really enjoying all the new personalities. Parents, I place to start making phone calls home for good and bad behaviors! Don't be alarmed when you see my number calling. :)

English 11: You all have a Nonfiction quiz on Thursday and a Vocabulary Quiz on Friday! Please be sure to complete your blog posts before school the next day or you will receive a zero. Also- take a look at the Thursday layout on your page, I have added all the information for your first essay.

Speech: You all have Chapter 2 test tomorrow in class and then we will begin Chapter 11. One more Chapter before our first speech- get excited!

Have a great rest of the week- see you all in class.
Mrs. Burman
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