Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is it summer yet?

The school year is coming to a close, and all the classes are finishing up last projects, good reads, and studying for finals. Before you as students begin to roll your eyes at my enthusiasm, know that this time of year is hard for teachers too!

We must be super organized, contact parents, hound students, have all the rubrics ready, tests created, and essays graded! As a student I loved this time of year, there was something about being proud of a large project turned in, or just the relief that it was no longer looming over my head on a to-do list. I hope the students in my classes are getting the proud side of their work and not the "FINALLY DONE!" side instead.

English 11- We are closing the novella, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and will be having the test over the novella on Monday. They also have a teacher evaluation and post test in their future before becoming seniors! I will have almost ALL research projects returned before the test over OMAM.

English 12 - These seniors are on the downward slope of English 12. They completed the Valedictory projects, yes they were great! I especially loved all the baby pictures. We are finished with all assigned reading and have our final on Monday. During class we have been completing study guides! Hope these help since the final is worth 20% of the grade!

Speech - We have two more speeches before the end of the year! The impromptu speech will be on Friday (they are only 1-3 minutes long!) and then the Persuasive Speeches are all the days next week. Below are the assigned days- no confusion on these days!

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