Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Google Drive and Peer Edits

We are peer editing our first essay in English 11 this week. I love the mix of devices for this project. The students use iPads to begin essays on Google Doc and then we move to PC's for format changes and peer editing.

I use a Google Form to collect all links, share the Google Sheet where the links are then collected and assign peer editors. The editors find their partner on the Google Sheet and they open the Google Doc belonging to them. A quick change in editing mode to "Suggesting" and they help each other so much!

Since this is the first essay of the course I provide a proofreading guide and explain how a simple CTRL+F helps find errors! Many students would open the proofreading guide on their iPad while working on the essay on the PC, you can see that in the images below.

We love Google in B08!

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