Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I ♥ Educational Technology

With new courses, and students, I find myself having to introduce, instruct, and organize technology lessons. Not to say that other teachers aren't using technology (because they are) I use different apps and have very different expectations as to where I want my students to be on the educational technology spectrum.

My classes know that we use MAYBE one sheet of paper a week, (Vocabulary Quizzes, I like spell check... just not when I grade spelling!) so they are finding new ways to organize their digital work. We use Google Drive as a digital binder, Google Docs as the word processor, Notability as the pen/pencil for notes and quick assessments, Google Forms as the tests/quizzes, and in some classes Blogger as the journal/portfolio.

I love these tools and how the have helped lessons move beyond recall and completion. I keep hearing, "I just opened Safari and looked it up!" When completing work with a device that can always help, I become more of a guiding light and less of the holder of all knowledge. That is exactly where I want to be as a teacher.

Here is a quick view into how I use Notability. In an effort to get my Speech class more comfortable with each other we do speech interviews and then they have to introduce a student one fact at a time. I want them to jot down facts, or answers to prompted interview questions so the remember and I want to be able to leave my room. This app gives us all that and more.

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