Monday, August 8, 2016

I am going virtual.

This post is a big one for this blog. The last 5 years this blog served as a catch all for my experiences as a teacher, a hub for parent and student information, and just place for me share.

I will still be doing all of these things, but virtually. Before I get a 'duh Mrs. Burman, it is a blog, of course it is virtual' let me explain. I will be teaching from home this year! I will be working for Hoosier Academies teaching at Insight School of Indiana. This school specializes in students who need more guidance and might be a few credits behind. My focus will be juniors and seniors.

I plan to use this blog as a place to document my first year working from home, on a computer, at a charter school. This will be such a big change for me. I spent the last 6 years of my teaching life face to face with students. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got inspired, and all the while I loved my job. I am hoping this avenue will allow my more time with family and with strengthen my skills as an educator (AND communicator).

I had three full days of training in Indianapolis last week. It was fun to get away and be a professional adult again, since I know getting my professional development will not be as easy as walking down the hall, I tried to soak up those days. I met a ton of great people and a few that live really close to me, in Fort Wayne.

Since Insight School of Indiana (ISIN) is a brand new school, there is still so much unknown. This drives my anxiety since I love to have thins planned. Looks like this new job is already making me grow and learn. I am doing a lot of online training on my own. We use K12 curriculum and that is the place where we conduct class, they use Blackboard Connect for that, then I am also training on INTASS, which is an evaluator certification so we are all on the same page with evaluations.

I haven't seen the curriculum yet, but I have taught both of these courses before, so I am not worried. I am getting excited to receive my new computer so I can start getting things organized. I want to have all my programs ready and a pretty desktop image of course (I am still a creative teacher... just on a computer!)

It has been hard not buying supplies at the stores, I want all the pens and journals! But I am updating my 'office' to help me stay focused and driven. My husband is building my desk, I am so lucky. I will be sure to post pictures when everything is set up. I saw another blogging teacher use the term "Stay At Home Teacher" and I just love it.

I am excited about the new adventure ahead of me, follow along for more details and even lesson examples. For a view into my past as a 'brick and mortar' educator look through my old posts. I loved my time at Bluffton High School and Southern Wells Jr. - Sr. High School. I can't wait to teach students all over the state of Indiana.

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