Friday, August 19, 2016

Rough Beginning

Just a heads up, this post might sound very dreary. It really isn't, I am very excited to have students next week, but this have been a whirlwind as we prepare to welcome the students.

Our Principal resigned on Wednesday.

Yes, that is right, 5 days until kiddos log in for class.

I am not going to dwell on the facts, rumors, or my opinions. I wish her the best and I am just going to push forward and prepare. While in limbo we have two ladies stepping up to the plate to fill in as our administrators. They have been amazing and doing everything they can to help us all stay upbeat and be prepared.

After about 5 meetings and getting access to my classes, things are falling into place! I am 100% finished with my training, I logged almost 50 hours of training. (K12 and INTASS) It really wasn't fun, but it was a necessary evil.

I now have a head set so I can speak and be heard while leading class or logging in for meetings. I feel so fancy. I am working on my courses and getting my syllabus perfect. I am also working on a "Hello, I am Mrs. Burman" video. It is going to be epic. Don't worry I will share!

I love buying school supplies, but my new supplies are kitchen rugs, hand towels, and a mug. Those are the things I need to feel calm these days. That and my essential oils. I just bought some 'Joy' to keep me super excited.

I would also like to mention a post coming about my work space. We don't have an office space so I have a desk in the dining/kitchen. My husband is currently making me a desk to work for our space and my needs. Things will be coming together for that later next week!

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