Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Schedules and Phones

Since my last post I have got quite a few deliveries. I received my laptop, an office phone (runs through internet) and a schedule! Things are falling into place for a great year.

I am chugging along through training and I am getting excited about using BlackBoard Connect. This is how we teach live. It is very much like a live white board that we can throw PowerPoint on and take live polls, even have kids chat and raise their hand. I am giddy about the chance to start teaching.

I ran lunch to my teacher husband today and he was teaching English 10H. I was so excited since all the students were my little babies last year! It was great to see them. I walked around as they worked on their thesis assignments and offered help. Sign... I can't wait to get back to teaching.

I meant to share this earlier, I made this video during our three days training in Indianapolis. It was a quick way to build up our new school and use my time wisely. I am working on a "Hello" video and Welcome Calls this week!

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